How We Offer

80-90% discount ???

Understand Medicine Cost Calculation.

We have in-house quality control test labs and follow highest quality control measures to ensure best quality product delivery.
All products are inspected at each stage of production to ensure quality and efficacy.

Also all product are tested by independent pharma labs before commercial sale.

Best Rates

At 80-90% discount
Switz Root is a 500 crore group company with 25 years experience of Pharma manufacturing and 3 manufacturing units. Our Himachal Pradesh unit is one of the largest manufacturing unit is India. We manufacturer products for more than 1000 companies including INTAS.

Being a Manufacturer and having No middleman, No distributor and No Sale Representative we save a lot of cost and can give products at very good rates which is up to in between 80-90 % discount on MRP.

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